Commerical Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast have invested in the latest and best equipment to ensure your commercial premises are left shining when we’ve finished. 

Power Wash

Our power/pressure washing equipment can achive pressures of up to 500psi. This is many times greater than retail pressure washing kits available to purchase for residential cleaning. We can strip off years of grime in seconds, leaving your property looking fresh and new again.

Soft Wash

Delicate surfaces need a delicate touch. Too much pressure will strip away fragile surfaces like timber walls, leaving the surface damaged. Our residential washing services include soft washing so that we can ensure you get the perfect finish no matter what the surface.

We’ve worked with commercial clients on the Gold Coast for decades. We understand that whether you’re the manager of a estate or a staff member tasked with cleaning of your premises, you value certainty and reliability. With Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast you are assured that we will quote you for the job, turn up on time, and finish the job to your satisfaction. 

One Side Dirty — One Side Clean

You can see the difference even after our first pass. This path has had just one pass with out driveway cleaning attachment. We'll follow up with a pressure clean and finishing solution. These are the results you'll get with our residential power wash services.

Our Four Step Pressure Washing Services

Our four-step process ensures we get a perfect and long-lasting result every time. After we’ve done our initial preparations (eg blowing the surface clean with a leaf blower, removing any obstacles like pot plants), we then commence the clean:


We stand behind out work. We'll make sure our power washing meets your high standards.

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