Pressure cleaning of driveways and walkways is one of the most popular services. After a while they become a uniform grey from the collection of dirt. That’s not a pretty face to show the world. Pressure cleaning can bring that colour and textures back to life.

You may also find that some areas around your home that don’t get full sunshine can grow mould and moss during out prolonged wet periods. These flora will eat away at brickwork and concrete, reducing the lifespan of those pathways. A high pressure clean removes the living material, revealing and protecting the surface below. 

driveway cleaning

All types of driveways

Whether you’ve got paving blocks, tiles, concrete or pebble mix, we’ve got the right cleaning treatment for you. High pressure cleaning strips away years of grime in minutes. Our specialise high-pressure system and pavement scrubbing devices make short work of your dirt. We’ll combine use of our surface cleaner with spray brushes and, where needed, the judicious use of chemicals. The results will amaze you. 

Benefits of driveway cleaning

The first and most immediate benefit is how good your driveway looks when it is cleaned. Your driveway is the entrance to your home. It’s also the hardest working element of your home and likely to be the dirtiest. Removing that layer of grime gives your entire a home a whole new outlook.

The other reason is to protect it and reduce maintenance. Where dirt and mould build up, deterioration is imminent. By removing them you can ensure your paths and driveway are good for years to come. 

Trust Pressure Washing Gold Coast

It can be hard to decide which cleaning company to choose. With us, you have a small local company. Our Gold Coast team consists of owner/operators Dallas and Luke Thistleton. We’ll quote your work and complete it for you. You can be assured of satisfaction because we always there to make our clients happy.

Ready For A Clean Driveway?

Don't let down your home with a dreary driveway and pathways. A professional cleaning from Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast will ensure that your home looks as good as it should.
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