If your garage floor is starting to look a bit shabby then you need  Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast to restore it back to it’s old glory. Those dirt stains and oil patches will disappear under our cleaning protocols and modern high-pressure cleaning equipment. 

There are many reasons why people choose to have their garage cleaned. For some it is to make it look good again. For others, they want slippery oil patches removed. Whatever your reason, you can be assured that we’ll have it sparkling again. 

garage floor in need of pressure cleaning

Removing dirt and oil

Some stains are just too hard for remove without specialist equipment. You can use solvents and get out the elbow grease but still find that you’re just reducing the problem rather than removing it. That’s where we come in. We have the equipment and the team to rapidly transform your dirty garage space into a clean and usable area. Call us for a free quote and we’ll explain to you the process of transforming your garage for you. 

Recoating your garage floor

If you’re coating or recoating your garage floor, you will need to start with a clean surface. You can try and do this yourself with solvents and scrubbing. Or you can get Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast to quickly prepare the perfect surface for you. You’ll still need to prime and undercoat but at least you’ll know that these have a good surface to stick to. When it comes to painting or sealing, preparation is key. Start with a pressure clean and you’ll have the best possible prep you can get. 

Trust Pressure Washing Gold Coast

It can be hard to decide which cleaning company to choose. With us, you have a small local company. Our Gold Coast team consists of owner/operators Dallas and Luke Thistleton. We’ll quote your work and complete it for you. You can be assured of satisfaction because we always there to make our clients happy.

Ready For A Clean Garage?

Garages can be great spaces to work and play in. Gold Coast homeowners use them for workshops, storage, gyms, play areas and much more. They can get grimey though, with cars going in and out. Modern cars don't tend to leak oil like their older counterparts but still grease and other substances find their way into the garage. When you garage gets to the point where you can no longer enjoy it the way you want, call us for a high-pressure garage clean.
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